Yulya Yalanzhi. Cellular practice. Invogue # Art gallery, Odessa

The project «Cellular Practice» is a total installation,  consists of light paper objects of various sizes. They resemble a sprawling cellular system. The mail principle of this structure is the formation of new objects from a plenty of parts, similar to the cell theory of T. Schwann and M. Schleiden, who discovered that any life form is built from similarly shaped particles-cells. In the same way in this artistic project, each particle represents a unique microcosm, endowed with special individual traits.

«Cellular Practice» refers the viewer to the colorful tradition of abstract sculpture, the creation of a whole entity from structureless objects inspired by Henry Moore, Louise Bourgeois or Ernest Net. The art works of these authors are united by the game with forms which are read at an unconscious level. Forms which are understandable without many words and cause an emotional response, penetrating into the viewer’s subconscious. «My emotions are disproportionate to my dimensions,» wrote Louise Bourgeois. — Not only emotions, but their strength — it’s just unbearable for me. For this reason, I give their energy to sculptures. »

Yulya Yalanzhi refers to the archetypal feminine form, and this is the form of the sphere, the primary form of all living things. «Neither the objects surrounding us nor the human body itself are a complete single whole. Everything consists of «parts», which are molecules. Molecules, in turn, are also divided into smaller constituent particles. All this system can be represented as a unity of life and movement, «- the author of the project comments.

Yulya Yalanzhi creates an irrational art. The artist suggests the viewer to enter into a dialogue on an emotional level and feel together what can’t be expressed in words. The author takes the path of expression of unconscious origins of creation, and in the personal exhibition she tries to find expression of internal artistic demand on intuitive level.

Exhibition opening hours: March 22 — April 17.

Location: Invogue # Art gallery, st. Ekaterininskaya, 25.